Starting Virtual Parties From a Convert’s Perspective with Jane Larson | Episode 032

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Everybody has been affected by the recent global pandemic that hit us, everybody…including retail businesses, both directly and indirectly. Sales have gone down and will continue to go down as there are fewer people who go out and about to shop for clothes, and etc.

However, this trend did not seem to affect our guest today, at all. Jane Larson of Postie Pop-Up Boutique shares with us how she found a way around this struggle and turned it into an opportunity by hosting virtual parties for her clients. From knowing little about streaming and making technical mistakes, Jane is now on top of her game and even edits her own videos and posts.

Know more about how Jane started and succeeded in doing her business using the new available platforms, tune in to this episode today!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. The experience of Jane’s first virtual party [04:00]
  2. Discovering Jane’s best virtual platform [6:11]
  3. The advantages of closing sales through virtual parties [08:45]
    • Services that other online retailers do not offer [11:05]
  4. How to start a virtual party? [12:25]
  5. Determine what does not work and improve it [18:12]
  6. Create a system to identify your customers [21:12]
  7. Maintaining financial stability despite of the pandemic [23:04]
  8. Benefits of establishing special events [24:29]
  9. Adapting and learning [27:53]
  10. Jane’s 10th year anniversary at Postie [28:21]
  11. Craziest Zoom experience [32:37]
  12. Tips for better lights and sounds set-up [34:18]

About our Guest:

Jane Larson is a personal stylist, boutique stylist, and wardrobe declutterer. She is the ultimate go-to person for anything and everything clothes and fashion-styling related. As the global pandemic hit her business, she found a way around it to provide the same excellent service through virtual parties through online platforms such as Facebook and Zoom.

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