My 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions Answered | Episode 033

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Dying to know which social media platform suits your direct selling business better? Always wondered why some businesses get better engagement on Facebook, while others on Instagram? These are just some of the burning questions asked by most direct selling businesses. And today, we’re here to answer them one by one.

This week, tune in as I answer the 3 most commonly asked questions that’ll benefit not only direct sellers but everyone else who wants to open a social media account for their businesses but are not sure which platform to use and how to reach their target audience! Let’s dive into another engaging and informative episode of the Direct Selling Accelerator today!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Question #1: Should I use Instagram? Or Facebook? [00:45]
    • Instagram users vs Facebook users [02:28]
    • Think about your objective [03:44]
  2. Question #2: How do I get more engagement? [06:46]
    • Ask for engagement [08:04]
    • Engage with other people’s page [09:18]
  3. Question #3: Should I have a Facebook business page? [10:20]
    • A business page takes a while to build [11:37]
    • Stop procrastinating [14:18]


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