5 Facebook Changes in 2020 You Don’t Want to Miss! | Episode 034

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Facebook has started shifting things around to create a more positive environment on the internet. But what are these changes? How do they affect your direct selling business? How do I use them to the best of their ability.

There’s a whirlwind of activities happening on Facebook with the new launch and you don’t want to be the last person to find out! Listen and tune in to today’s episode as I break down the 5 Facebook changes in 2020 that you need to know—and why you should be quick to adapt to them!

We’ll be talking about:

#1: The move to FB Five [02:08]

    • Polls are disappearing [04:11]

#2: The new creative studio for business posting [05:59]

#3: The new clause added to the Terms of Service [08:56]

    • Any post containing conspiracy theories can be pulled down [11:09]

#4: The shift from Facebook Pages Managers app to the Business Suite  [12:52]

    • The business suite allows you to simultaneously post to both IG and FB [15:15]

#5: A new update allowing you to sponsor ads within groups [18:14]


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