Be Your Own Secret Weapon! | Episode 035

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Stepping into the world of social media doesn’t mean you have to change yourself to meet other people’s standards. Here’s a question – are you truly being you?

It’s easy for us to lose our personal identity in the realm of social media because of the unconscious aim to become more like other people to garner likes and attention. Doubts arise when you start to question yourself, “why am I not cutting through the noise?”. Thus the struggle to change your image and language to reach more people.

That’s the wrong way to do it. The best way to cut through all the noise within the sphere of social media is to be YOU.

Grab your pen and paper and take note of the things you need to keep your own identity even when using social media!

We’ll be talking about:

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Importance of being You on social media [02:07]
  2. Your presence makes your business unique [03:14]
  3. You cannot control what people think [04:15]
  4. Most successful episode: Speaking as a working Mum [07:43]
  5. Standing out from the noise [09:22]
  6. Success story of a Facebook newbie [10:03]
  7. How to be You on social media [13:22]
    • Converse in the comments section [13:54]
    • Share your story [14:52]
    • Do more videos [17:06]
  8. Determine and listen to your core audience [22:08]
  9. Amplify the positive feedback [24:06]

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