The Gamechangers! The 2 Most Powerful Pieces of Content | Episode 036

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Two social media giants are Facebook and Instagram. A lot of direct sellers promote heavily on these platforms but some of the questions I get asked a lot is how do I get more people to interact with my page? How do I get more leads? How do I get more sales?

Are you eager to learn about the two powerful pieces of content that will literally change the way you attract your customers?

Today, we’re going to answer these important questions and more as we talk about my two favorite types of posts on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll walk you through the steps on how you can actually generate both engagement and leads from your tribe.

Now, you might be a little apprehensive as it might sound complicated but it’s easier than you think. Up your game and change your results by diving in today’s episode!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Engagement post [1:26]
    • What is an engagement post? [1:34]
    • What is the purpose of an engagement post? [2:17]
  2. Lead generating post [3:25]
    • What is a lead generating post? [3:37]
    • How to create a lead generating post? [5:11]
    • The process of getting leads using the lead generating post [5:44]
  3. Six things you need to keep in mind when doing a lead generating post [6:50]
    • Providing value/Solving problems [6:59]
    • Know/Understand where your customer is at the moment [8:42]
    • Read your post before you hit post [10:10]
    • Your post must not smell of a sell [11:09]
    • Less is more when you come to the caption [13:34]
    • “Who are you talking to?” “Who’s your ideal customer?” [15:56]

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