5 Reasons You Should Have a Facebook Business Page and Where to Start | Episode 037

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Facebook has launched its own Business Pages, and it’s packed with amazing tools and features! What are the benefits and how can it boost your business?

That’s what you’ll find out today in this episode as we discuss the 5 reasons why you should have a Facebook Business Page! I’ll share some of the key benefits that you’ll have once you start.

This episode is perfect for any direct seller (and business owners, in general) who are still on the fence about starting a business page.

Don’t get left behind. Tune in now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Why you NEED to have a business page [01:17]
  2. Reason #1: Your business page can be publicly viewable [02:28]
  3. Reason #2: On a business page, you can share the load [05:23]
  4. Reason #3: You’ll have access to Facebook and Instagram Insights [06:21]
  5. Reason #4: You can share key information about your business [08:12]
  6. Reason #5: You have access to amazing tools [08:45]
    • You have the ability to schedule your posts [10:12]
    • Don’t go for paid advertising until you are getting organic engagement [11:49]
    • The business page has a new Creator Studio [12:31]
  7. Most people don’t start because they are afraid to do it [14:29]

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