Visual Storytelling Tips and Tricks | Episode 038

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Sharing your story on social media is the most effective way of standing out. Effectively capture your customer’s attention by sharing your who, what, why, and how. Step up your visual storytelling game by using my top techniques!

In today’s episode, I will highlight the kinds of stories that you can share on your social media to create deeper relationships with your audience. I’ll discuss which type of stories resonate more with the emotional side of your ideal customer. More importantly, I’ll share free applications and tools that will help you create publication materials, ads, and short videos that you can share on all social media platforms. You will be amazed at the tools offered by Facebook for content creators like us!

If you want to boost your social media presence through visual presentations, then this podcast episode is for you!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Visual retelling of your origin story [01:18]
    • Create videos through Animoto [01:50]
    • Host Facebook or Instagram lives [03:49]
    • Create posts by using Canva [05:03]
    • Capture attention through animation videos [05:50]
  2. Share your mission, aspirations, and passion [07:57]
    • Use Facebook and Instagram stories [11:25]
  3. Put out educational and informational content [12:38]
    • Content creator studio in Facebook [13:27]
    • Illustrate the origin of the product or service [14:09]
  4. Highlight customer reviews or stories [16:28]
  5. Share information about your product and business [17:54]


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