Going Old School | Episode 039

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I was checking through my emails the other day and answering lots of questions on social media, marketing and lead generating. I stopped at one question that really sparked my interest: “what methods of communication are we currently missing out on?”

Social media is what we do and what we love and you MUST have a social media presence in 2020 to grow. BUT I am still a big lover of the old school method; chatting to people in person or picking up the phone.

Today is going to be a fun episode as we talk about some clever ways you can connect on a personal level and build relationships that will make you stand out, especially in a time where a lot of our connection is digital!

If you’ve been looking for a clever way to connect, stand out and make a sale, let’s get right into it!

We’ll be talking about:

  1.  Connecting to people the old school way [02:15]
  2.  The 7 second rule to get someone’s attention [05:30]
  3.  5 clever, old school, and not so old school, ways to connect and be remembered [07:58]
  4. Method #1: Using Messenger to check on your customers [08:30]
    • No agendas, just check in and make it all about the customer [09:00]
  5. Method #2: Emailing [12:33]
  6. Method #3: Picking up the phone [13:18]
  7. Method #4: Sending postcards and gratitude notes [16:43]
  8. The positive impact and long terms effects of these methods to your business [23:22]
  9. Method #5: Random gift giving and being thoughtful [24:40]
    • Hoarding gifts [25:17]
    • Gift cheques [24:41] 
    • Sending seeds [29:27] 
    • The little book of happiness [30:27]


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