My Predictions for 2021 | Episode 044

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Social media and the direct selling industry is changing fast over the years, so a lot of us are wondering what’s coming or what’s going to happen next.

Today, I’m going to settle those questions and give you my predictions about social media and the direct selling industry for the year 2021. I will go over the observations that I base these predictions on, the things that we should be mindful of, and some exciting stuff that will be coming out as well!

Strap in as this is going to be a ride, tune in now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Prediction #1: Mobile devices are going to be more important and predominant in 2021 [02:47]
  2. Optimizing all of your post for mobile devices [03:20]
  3. Prediction #2: The industry is going to see significant growth [07:48]
  4. 2 reasons why there will be a big growth in the industry [09:35]
  5. Prediction #3: TikTok is going to be a waste of time [11:27]
  6. The trouble with TikTok [13:06]
  7. Prediction #4:  Facebook groups will see a lot of growth and attention over the next 12 months [14:51]
  8. Business features are slowly showing up in Facebook groups [51:51] 
  9. Prediction #5: Facebook is going to push a more user friendly ads manager [17:22]
  10. A word of caution and advice on boosting posts [19:49] 


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