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5 FAQs with Greg and Sam | Episode 045

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We get to connect with hundreds of direct sellers across Australia and the world and here are the FIVE questions we always get asked.


In today’s episode, Greg and I are going to jump in and answer the 5 frequently asked questions that we commonly get, whether it be about growing your business, social media, and much more!


This is going to be a fun episode, maybe Greg and I might throw in a couple of fun surprises. Tune in now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Question #1: Should I use my group, my personal page, or profile to promote my direct selling business? [02:00]
  2. Using your personal profile without violating Facebook’s rules [02:59]
  3. Your business page is where you should do your business posting [06:43]
  4. Groups are amazing for building a community [11:50]
  5. Question #2: How to reach more people [15:06]
  6. Reaching out to the right people to attract more people [16:19]
  7. Question #3: What if I have multiple ideal customers [20:48] 
  8. Question #4: Should I boost my posts [26:12]
  9. Boosting posts vs. advertising [27:54]
  10. You need to have an organic reach first [30:43]
  11. Question #5: What should I be posting and how often should I post [31:06]
  12. Greg’s key takeaways [34:33]
  13. One last note to finish this episode [37:00]


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