8 Virtual Party Mistakes You Should Never Make | Episode 046

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In 2020, Greg and I have directed a massive focus to training our Accelerator members on how to conduct a Facebook or Zoom event to help them improve their online parties and events.

Recently, I’ve attended a couple of virtual parties and I’ve noticed people are still making these mistakes, without realising that these are so easy to fix.

Today, I’m going to point out 8 Virtual Party Mistakes that you should never make. Mistakes that leave you feeling like you’re not getting any results, and those that leave a bitter taste for you, your guests, and even your hosts, and how you can avoid or fix them.

Now, I wanted to throw these out because I don’t want you guys to make these mistakes, and I want you to go into 2021 partying like you’re born for it. So let’s go and jump on in!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Mistake #1: Being late and leaving your guests waiting [02:45]
  2. Mistake #2: Going in with less energy or enthusiasm [03:55]
    • Tips on how to set yourself in the right mood and energy beforehand [04:32]
  3. Mistake #3: Pausing to read comments while going live in Facebook [05:58]
    • How to respond to these comments without disrupting your flow [07:02]
  4. Why I suggest testing Zoom [08:19]
  5. Mistake #4: Not giving people an incentive to stay until the end [08:35]
  6. Mistake #5: Making a party an hour longer instead of an hour less [10:43]
  7. Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and learning from others [11:58]
  8. Mistake #6: Not presenting your offers and order details clearly [12:44]
  9. Mistake #7: Failing to follow up on customers [14:31]
  10. Mistake #8: Forgetting to acknowledge and appreciate your hosts [17:29]
  11. A quick recap on the 8 virtual party mistakes and tips to fix or avoid them[19:03] 


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