Mastering Goals and Beating Overwhelm with Keith Abraham (Direct Selling Accelerator Spotlight Special!) | Episode 198

Join us as we shine the spotlight on another of our favourite special guests, the incredible Keith Abraham. Dive into this Spotlight Special with us as we share the true secrets behind successful goal setting and finding your success in Direct Selling. 


Each and every time we hear from Keith, we cannot help but get hooked by his wisdom and lost in taking pages of notes. We guarantee that Keith will share something that will not only resonate with you but also inspire you too… So don’t forget your pen and paper for this one! 


Now, who is Keith Abraham? He’s not just any expert; he’s a global authority on goal setting for Direct Sellers, leaving a positive impact on over a hundred thousand professionals in numerous countries. What’s more, Keith isn’t just a speaker; he’s a best-selling author with books translated into 12 languages, reaching an incredible 1.6 million people in 33 countries!


In our conversation, we’re diving deep into the power of goal setting, discovering your ‘why,’ and unleashing the passion that drives success. Whether you’re feeling a bit stuck, overwhelmed, or you’re just starting your Direct Selling journey, this interview is for you. So, are you ready to absorb the wisdom and explore what truly matters for your business? Then tune in!




We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction 

➡ [3:53] Getting to know Keith Abraham

➡ [8:13] What separates those who do well and those who don’t

➡ [10:23] Striking it out

➡ [11:57] Transition from zero to big time

➡ [13:49] Failure and rejection

➡ [18:21] Learning to love yourself a little more

➡ [26:06] What happens when you learn your ‘why’?

➡ [29:27] Mindset, is it applicable to Social Media?

➡ [32:16] Recommended books

➡ [45:25] Connect with Keith Abraham

➡ [46:30] Daily rituals for success, Keith’s way

➡ [50:19] Keith’s advice for people who are starting out in Direct Selling 

➡ [53:11] Final thoughts






About our guest:

Keith Abraham is the mastermind behind the GoalDriver Diagnostic, a game-changing tool that fuels an organisation’s journey towards clear, measurable and highly impactful objectives. Whether it’s an organisation striving for efficiency or a team yearning for a culture of success, he catalyze meaningful transformations to achieve these objectives.

With an international presence as a keynote speaker, Keith has had the privilege of reaching over 1.7 million individuals across 39 countries. He specialises in delivering engaging, energising and empowering presentations that are brimming with implementable ideas, profound insights and sustainable inspiration.

Keith authored six bestselling books, translated in 12 languages, each offering valuable lessons on leadership, goal setting and achievement. These books epitomise my commitment to sharing knowledge that enables individuals and organisations to unlock their true potential. Keith is also the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career including the Nevin Award in 2002, the highest award given to a Professional Speaker, and was named Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2012.



Connect with Keith Abraham:

Keith Abraham’s Website:  https://keithabraham.com/

Keith Abraham’s Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KeithAbrahamCSP/

Keith Abraham’s Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/keithabrahamcsp/

Keith Abraham’s YouTube:  https://www.instagram.com/keithabrahamcsp/

Keith Abraham’s LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithabraham/




Focus by Keith Abraham: https://keithabraham.com/product/focus/

Be by Keith Abraham: https://keithabraham.com/product/be/

Living Your Passion by Keith Abraham: https://keithabraham.com/product/living-your-passion/

Million Dollar Playbook by Keith Abraham: https://keithabraham.com/product/million-dollar-speaker-mastermind/

Love Who You Are by M.H Clark: https://https://bit.ly/42g6jEh



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