Identifying and smashing your limiting beliefs with Ingrid Lockwood | Episode 140

Do you feel stuck? Like something is holding you back? Or that you just keep hitting that glass ceiling you cannot break through?


Join me in this podcast as we welcome Ingrid Lockwood. Ingrid is a qualified professional, having a diploma in counseling and case management with multiple tertiary qualifications and certifications. Ingrid is here to help us explore how to smash our limiting beliefs that we can identify, along with finding those subconscious beliefs that we need to discover in order to grow. 


We’ll look at being aware of our mindset and beliefs in order to better overcome our limitations. Ingrid shares her journey and how she overcame her own limiting beliefs to help others better identify theirs too. If you see patterns in your business, your family and your everyday life then you’ll find the episode powerful to better understand how these patterns can be linked to mindset, and getting back on path toward growth and success!

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [02:13] Catching up

➡ [04:04] Knowing Ingrid Lockwood

➡ [05:47] Defining your limiting beliefs 

➡ [07:22] Intentional vs unintentional beliefs

➡ [10:52] Identifying limiting beliefs 

➡ [14:27] Growth mindset 

➡ [18:30] Why is it important to identify your limiting beliefs 

➡ [24:36] Comparing beliefs and behaviours

➡ [27:28] Dreams, what do they mean

➡ [30:41] Good morning habits

➡ [33:30} Symbolism in dreams

➡ [36:23] The power of the Neuro Change Method

➡ [41:32] Why do you need to deal with your limiting beliefs

➡ [45:42] Hurdles stopping you from achieving your goals

➡ [48:16] Get in touch with Ingrid

➡ [50:34] Most impactful book for Ingrid is…

➡ [51:12] Ingrid’s dream superpower

➡ [52:01] Ingrid’s favourite quote



The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell: https://amzn.to/3AoPQAW

About our Guest:

Ingrid Lockwood is all about relationships. It’s been a focus since childhood and in the adult years she formalised her love for all things people by completing a Diploma in Counselling and Case Management. She now holds hold 5 tertiary qualifications plus 3 certifications in total which is a complete turnaround from her childhood where she was plagued by a limiting belief, that she wasn’t intelligent. The trigger events that helped create this belief were regular and teachers and one parent also affirmed that she ‘wasn’t smart’.

This led to life decisions which negatively impacted Ingird. She developed unhealthy communication habits which inevitably meant that relationships became fractious and bumpy. But Ingrid’s real qualification came from life itself. She has walked a 25 year journey of personal transformation – addressing her negative beliefs and habits was a big part of the story.  Learning how to have a fight without busting the relationship was another big key. The people Ingrid interacts with now are getting a much better version of her true self. 

Ingrid has discovered that her genius zone is relationships so she has crafted her training, stories and her experience, together with an evidence based methology, to help other women transform their lives.  To experience the emotional wellness that comes with truly achieving their heart felt goals


Connect with Ingrid: 

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