5 Best Social Media Practices in Direct Selling Right Now | Episode 139

How do you play the Social Media game in order to get the results YOU want for YOUR business?


Listen in as I share with you the 5 best Social Media practices in Direct Selling right now.  I will be talking about how to use Social Media effectively, how to prevent wasting your time and how to achieve better results with the tools and knowledge you already have! 


We’ll explore what’s going on in the world of Social Media, how to deliver what Facebook and Instagram are looking for, and what YOU can do to help your reach, conversions and relationship building with your ideal customer.  


This is a quick episode full of golden nuggets that can be easily implemented in your business. Enjoy!

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[1:18] Consistency is key 

[2:10 Why consistency matters

[4:12] Make people think of you without realising 

[4:35] Be present over perfect

➡ [5:07] Serve and provide value 

[6:46] Social Media is 2-way communications

[8:12] Content that is a valuable

[9:05] User Generated Content

[11:27] The real you

[13:16] Be genuine

[14:40] Hot tip: commonality

➡ [17:39] Ask questions and engage 

➡ [19:05] Videos, Videos, Videos

➡ [20:53] Pre recorded videos

➡ [21:37] Reels, short form videos

➡ [23:55] Mistakes are the best way to learn

➡ [24:38] Elements to make videos powerful 

➡ [25:37] Summary



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