How do you make your business standout with Jessica Kiely | Episode 138

I’m very passionate about powerful women in business. Women who chase their dreams in spite of obstacles. Women who are resilient, that get back up and brush themselves off. Today, our guest is one of those powerful women.


I am privileged to welcome our latest podcast guest, Jessica Kiely. Jessica is the co-founder of Sensor.I.am which is a nature perfume company.  I first met Jessica when we were at speaker’s training many years ago.  It was quite a journey for her as she went through the ups and downs of business, challenges with business partners and other obstacles that many business owners face.


Jessica, being a strong business woman, overcame those challenges and picked herself up to become not only a successful entrepreneur but also a keynote speaker in the natural beauty space, armed with eagerness to work out her unique selling proposition AND living by it.


Tune in to this empowering and fun episode as we explore making our business standout with a fresh and invigorating perspective. We’ll talk finding the ultimate value in customer feedback, adjusting our focus, stepping out of our industries for a new perspective, and mastering ourselves and our patterns.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [3:42] Jessic Kiely’s amazing business

➡ [5:35] Taking a sensory based item online

➡ [09:07] Subscription boxes 

➡ [11:45] Owning your own brand space

➡ [16:41] Is this the right business for you

➡ [20:00] It’s a not all smooth sailing

➡ [21:52] I’m not finished yet

➡ [27:34] Seeking new skills

➡ [31:30] Forming a good partnership

➡ [34:07] Ongoing focus 

➡ [40:04] Doing it differently

➡ [42:23] Finding the pattern

➡ [46:09] Struggling with your business

➡ [48:12] Jessica’s favourite book

➡ [48:39] Check out Jessica’s website

➡ [49:54] Jessica’s dream superpower

➡ [50:46] Jessica’s favourite quote 

➡ [51:09] Jessica’s advice to her past self



➡ The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur by Pauline Nguyen: https://amzn.to/3CGhhqr


About our Guest:
Jessica Kiely is the co-founder of the natural perfume collective SENSOR.I.AM and keynote speaker in the natural beauty and wellbeing space. She inspires professionals to engage with life from a place of curiosity, playfulness and pleasure.

Jessica’s deep dive into natural beauty began in 2015 in response to a very personal life upheaval. This massive change forced her to question all elements of her life, including the integrity of products she was putting into and onto her body on a daily basis. In search of new answers, Jessica immersed herself in the world of natural beauty. She studied Low Tox Living with Alexx Stuart and natural perfume-making with Nature Care College, and was fortunate to interview natural beauty founders in New York, Hong Kong, France and Australia to deepen her understanding of this important niche. In 2016, she established her first green beauty business to help other consumers make more conscious choices. Over time, her focus evolved into curating 100% botanical perfumes to replace the synthetic fragrances that desensitise and numb us in our modern world. Her passion for re-awakening the senses and forging a deeper-connection with ourselves and nature gave rise to SENSOR.I.AM.

These days, as a speaker and facilitator, Jessica shares SENSOR.I.AM’s message with corporate teams and wellness communities around the world. She hopes that by sharing practical wisdom and energising stories about natural beauty and wellbeing she can inspire participants to make decisions that are right for them. Jessica has 20 years of experience as a speaker/facilitator for global leaders in countries as diverse as India, Singapore and the Kingdom of Bahrain, and audiences that include the likes of IBM, EY, Westpac, CBA, Sydney and Macquarie Universities, and every level of government in every Australian state. Her depth and breadth of experience as a speaker helps her to create novel and dynamic experiences for her audiences. In fact, she is renowned for her vivacious energy and have been described as “highly intuitive, sharp and always on point”.

In her time away from SENSOR.I.AM, she is an enthusiastic archer, a passionate advocate of her dad’s abstract art exhibition (www.mykidscoulddothat.com); co-founder of artisan chai apothecary Tiger Purrr; and a Master Trainer and Senior Facilitator with Speakers’ Institute Corporate, supporting professionals around the world to uplevel their presentation and communication skills.


Connect with Jessica: 

➡ Sensor.I.AM website: https://www.sensoriam.com

➡ Sensor.I.AM LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sensor-i-am-natural-perfume-collective/about/

➡ Sensor.I.AM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sensor.i.am/

➡ Sensor.I.AM Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sensoriamnaturalperfume


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