How to start a conversation with anyone online! | Episode 165

We are so fortunate to have increasing access to a wide range of tools that enable us to talk to more people more frequently. However, are we actually using these tools effectively and to their full potential? Engaging in appropriate conversations with anyone is the key to Social Media, after all it is the SOCIAL part. 


In this episode, we will discuss the challenges many people face when initiating conversations online. I’m often asked about this topic and am so excited to share some quick tips, tricks and even FREE scripts to help master this crucial skill! Starting conversations, networking and building relationships is essential not just for growing our business but also ourselves. 


Listen in to learn how and when to start a conversation with anybody online! Be sure to tune in for the entire episode to find out how to boost your confidence with my FREE scripts to kick start a conversation. These scripts are tried, tested and proven to be effective – especially when they are customised to reflect the true you too. 


So tune on in to this quick episode, then get out there to grow both yourself and your business by growing those ever valuable connections.


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[1:18] My techniques to start a conversation

[2:40] Quote from the queen of Facebook

[3:50] Struggle to talk about ourselves 

[5:16] Missing out on hidden gems

[7:17] Having an open mind

[8:48] Appropriate reach out, Tip #1

[9:38] Using lead magnets in exchange of conversation 

[13:32] Personal text messages vs voice notes

[16:07] Tip # 2: Using your own words

[16:52] The things that you notice

➡ [22:39] Our business grows when we grow 

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[24:10] Join our next FREE challenge https://go.auxano.global






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