How to win in business, the ACN story with Greg Provenzano | EP164

Get ready to experience an episode like no other. I am extremely excited to welcome to the podcast Greg Provenzano, ACN’s co-founder and President. 


Greg’s passion for personal growth is truly contagious and inspiring. He strongly believes that you can achieve great success in business while also prioritizing your personal life. Over three decades, Greg has helped countless independent business owners achieve their goals through his daily encouragement and support.


Tune in as we cover a huge range of topics; including the importance of adhering to principles when establishing a solid foundation for your endeavors, tips for building successful partnerships, as well as the advantages of maintaining a long-term perspective and how it can transform your life and business.


You do not want to miss this episode. Greg shares with us a wealth of knowledge and insights. You’ll be inspired, ready to take action and achieve your own success – both in business and in life.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [5:02] ACN’s 30th Anniversary 

➡ [6:10] A whole season of life

➡ [7:41] Christmas family traditions

➡ [9:37] First days of ACN  

➡ [12:34 Secrets of having a successful partnership

➡ [14:46] What ACN is all about?

➡ [16:24] Looking back from early days

➡ [18:13] 30 years in the industry and still going strong

➡ [23:31] Back story of a successful company 

➡ [25:27] Solidify the company

➡ [29:22] Establishing a solid foundation in everything you do

➡ [33:05] Reconsider long term planning

➡ [38:00] People respond differently due to fear 

➡ [39:48] What sets apart people who became successful vs those who failed

➡ [46:53] Where do I start in building my business

➡ [51:00] Having fun with your business partners 

➡ [55:17] What’s next with ACN

➡ [59:24] Greg’s favourite book

➡ [1:04:30] Greg’s dream superpower

➡ [1:05:19] Greg’s favourite quote

➡ [1:06:05] Greg’s advice to his past self

➡ [1:07:03] Final thoughts


➡ Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, Book of Proverbs


About our Guest:

Greg Provenzano is the President and Co-Founder of ACN Inc., a Direct Selling company headquartered in Concord, North Carolina. He is a skilled entrepreneur who began a successful career in business and Network Marketing in 1982. Greg co-founded ACN 30 years ago and has helped drive the overall direction and vision of the company, while providing hands-on leadership to the company’s sales force worldwide. Under Greg’s leadership, ACN has grown from a one-service company in the U.S. to a recognized Direct Seller of essential services open in 27 countries over 4 continents… and growing! With the other Co-Founders, Greg has positioned ACN as an industry leader, while helping countless individuals change their lives with the ACN business opportunity.


Connect with Greg Provenzano: 

➡ Greg Provenzano/ACN LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/acn/

➡ Greg Provenzano/ACN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ACNINC

➡ Greg Provenzano/ACN website: https://acn.com/us-en/homepage


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