Back to School Social Media Strategy! | Episode 048

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In some places in the world, such as New Zealand and Australia, where I am from, we’re shifting from the holiday season towards going back to school. Although these past few weeks have taken us all into a spin, falling out of our usual routine, it’s time to get back into some form of normality, hoping that 2021 is here to give us something better.

Now, you may ask me what this has to do with your social media strategy as a direct seller. Well, that’s what we’re here to answer in today’s episode. Today, I’m talking about how what’s going on around us will not only directly affect your business but SHOULD affect your social media content… but is it??  😉

With high hopes that this podcast will help you whether you’re listening to this a few months from now or if back-to-school isn’t your current thing, let me tell you how you can benefit from whatever season you’re in right now in the world and how you can use that to your advantage.

Tune in and open up your mind to many possibilities and ideas you can use for your direct selling business!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Why it’s important to understand what makes your perfect customer tick [4:20]
  2. How does back-to-school affect your ideal customer? [5:23]
  3. Remember that your ideal customer’s routine and time is about to change [9:02]
  4. A few ideas you can use to tap into that perfect customer [9:33]
    • Lunchbox Tips [9:50]
    • Tips on Staying Sane [12:13]
    • Tips around Routine [12:59]
    • Pamper Yourself Tips [13:20]
    • Money-saving ideas [14:35]
    • Clever kitchen hacks or clever back-to-school hacks [18:01]
    • Products that hold great relevance right now [21:09]
    • Health, School, Work Routines [22:18]
  5. Consider the routine change that’s about to happen (posting times) [18:58]
  6. Don’t preach to people [24:28]
  7. Rethink about how you can use this time to build and grow your business [25:09]
  8. Sam’s tip for direct sellers about using events and holidays to strategise social media posts [27:39]




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