What Do Feelings Have To Do With Your Social Media Strategy? | Episode 049

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Before we start with today’s podcast episode, I’d like to give you a little bit of an activity, try to close your eyes and think for a second about some of the brands that you’re following that you really love. Now, what do you think are these brands doing that makes you feel so attached to them?

I bet you’d get the answer that most of the time, it’s those brands that make you feel good that draw your attention. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

In this episode of The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast, I’d like to reveal to you that feelings have a larger connection to our marketing/branding strategies than we may think. If we ponder hard on it, our feelings play a huge role in how we perceive things on social media. The question is, “how do we use this to our advantage?”

If you want to understand the whys and hows of incorporating feelings into your social media strategies. Tune into this episode and grab a pen, as you’ll be sure to grab some valuable pointers along the way.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. The relationship between the subconscious mind and marketing/branding [1:33]
  3. Tip # 1: About your Images [4:58]
    • What is this image going to say to my ideal customer? [5:09]
    • People being able to relate to your images [5:41]
  4. Tip # 2: About your Colors [7:26]
    • Color evokes the same/similar emotions in everybody [7:42]
  5. Bonus tip # 1: Start observing some Facebook pages and jot down three feelings you get from that page [10:14]
  6. Tip # 3: Let your customers know what you stand for in a subtle way [10:56]
    • Consider the language that you use [13:13]
  7. Tip # 4: Interact with the people on your Facebook page [13:58]
    • Do not devalue the importance of interacting [15:16]
  8. Bonus tip # 2: Consider how you want your customers to feel when they come across your Facebook page [15:44]



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