Attitude is altitude, how to grow the business of your dreams with Darren and Mike | EP150

Could you manage 45,000 people, nurture those relationships AND still keep growing your business? Seasoned online business consultants Darren and Mike do exactly that!


Let me introduce you to the Darren and Mike Dream Team; Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher. MLM experts, Darren and Mike supply hands-on guidance and closely collaborate with their clients to coach and mentor entrepreneurs to achieve success. 


With a passion for helping others, Mike and Darren join us to share their experiences and how they do the amazing work they do! The Dream Team aim to help people from all walks of life and backgrounds to transform their lives and experience the joy, freedom and empowerment of being their own boss.


Mike and Darren share with us their experience in managing large numbers of people while multiplying your success! We’ll dive into the importance of taking care of people, nurturing relationships and sharing experiences, why being passionate about culture is so important and using milestones as essential guides on the path to success.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [02:44] Getting to know Mike and Darren 

➡ [04:51] Direct selling over other businesses

➡ [04:12] What’s working for you and your business?

➡ [07:04] Being successful in business right now

➡ [10:48] Building a sustainable business

➡ [13:28] Understanding numbers

➡ [14:14] How to manage and lead 45,000 people

➡ [15:19] Building a huge community online

➡ [16:56] Leveraging the power of online marketing

➡ [19:00] Tips on launching a Facebook community

➡ [21:59] Joining groups with like minded individuals 

➡ [26:20] Using systems to grow your business

➡ [29:09] Tips on leading your team to success

➡ [33:04] Just show up

➡ [37:54] Being authentic

➡ [39:55] Attributes in being successful in Direct Selling

➡ [43:18] Dealing with negative bias

➡ [45:04] Darren’s and Mike’s favourite book

➡ [45:35] Darren and Mike’s dream superpowers

➡ [46:19] Darren and Mike’s favourite quotes

➡ [49:44] What’s next with Darren and Mike?



➡ The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:  https://bit.ly/3JcoALi

➡ The Answer by John Assraf, Murray Smith: https://bit.ly/3j2g1bc


About our Guests:

Located in Vancouver, Canada Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher are the brains behind The Darren and Mike Dream Team. This business came into existence when these two decided to use their multitude of experiences to start their own business and assist others in doing the same.


These seasoned online business consultants closely collaborate with their clients and supply hands-on guidance regarding optimising a company’s marketing efforts across multiple digital platforms.


Having a passion for helping other businesses to achieve success, Darren and Mike MLM experts, go through a process that involves coaching and mentoring these entrepreneurs.


Connect with Darren and Mike: 

➡ Darren and Mike’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darrenandmike

➡ Darren and Mikes’ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/darrenandmike/?originalSubdomain=ca

➡ Darren and Mike’s website: https://www.darrenandmike.ca


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