Creating a social media strategy that gets results – Part 1 | Episode 151

Join me for this two part session as we look at building a Social Media strategy that gets results, and help you to understand what goes into a strategy with purpose – one that helps you to reach goals, rather than just further filling your time.


The strategy I’m going to share will work every time… IF you put the effort and work in. I’m going to share with you how to break down the process; looking at two key components over these two episodes. 


This week, we’ll talk all about the pre-work and split it into two simple steps. This, although it may sound daunting, it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process! It puts you back in the driver’s seat of your business, will help you to deliver content to your audience that they actually want to see and aims to help your content be seen by more people to get that engagement and those interactions that you have been chasing!


Stop wasting your precious time and get over that hump in your business.


We’ll talk what’s going on behind the scenes, business goals, being proactive vs reactive, the 80-20 rule, research, dream customers and the algorithm. Tune on in and make sure you’ve subscribed so that you don’t miss part two next week!

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[2:17] Understanding what’s going on behind the scenes

[3:32] Step 1: Know your business goals

[4:05] Working with ‘RiseUp! Inner Circle’ members

[5:39] Being reactive rather than being proactive

[6:23] The 80-20 rule, is this really working?

➡ [8:13] Step 2: Know your dream customers

[8:44] Dating analogy

[10:21] Allocate time to do a little bit of research, but be mindful of time 

[11:48] Don’t assume your dream customers are the same

[13:50] Not everyone is your dream customer

[15:22] A challenge for you

➡ [18:39] My message to you 

[20:08] Pay attention

[22:52] Talk to people

➡ [24:15] Recap


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