Creating a social media strategy that gets results – Part 2 | Episode 152

Welcome back for the second part of the ‘Creating a Social Media Strategy That Gets Results’ podcast. Missed part one? I highly recommend you watch that first – you’ll find the link in the resources below.

Over these two episodes we are exploring what goes into a strategy with purpose – one that helps you to reach goals, rather than just further filling your precious time. In Part One we looked at the pre work… This week we’re talking about the plan and putting those ideas into action!

Let me share with you pivotal information to help you build an effective planning process. We’ll cover the final three steps in my ‘five step Social Media process’, and I’ll even give you downloadable cheat sheets to help you stick to your plans.

It’s so very easy on Social Media to jump straight into the creative content, get distracted and waste time with posts that could be great ideas IF planned ahead with a clear idea of what they aim to achieve. So, let’s get back in that driver’s seat and in control of your business on Social Media by building a planning process behind your Social Media strategy.


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[2:00] Step 3: Social Media brainstorm

[3:32] Getting into your creative zone

[6:06] How to fill and use the Social Media strategy worksheet

[10:29] The stop-start problem 

[11:19] Pulling from your brainstorm

➡ [12:40] Step 4: Content creation space: create, schedule, test and repeat

[13:26] Accelerator members utilise Auxano Social

[15:07] Scheduling your content with a Social Media content calendar

[17:31] Plan and strategise first 

[20:11] The trouble with creating content on the fly

[20:11] Step 5: Reflect, Assess and Rework

[22:14] Looking back

➡ [23:45] Don’t reinvent the wheel  

[24:33] Benefits of doing the pre-work

[25:09] Recap 

➡ [27:12] Check out our Accelerator membership




Social media strategy worksheet 

Creating a social media strategy that gets results – Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doFaJd0Mnro 

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