How to create your Hot 100 List | Episode 149

What if I were to provide you with a tool that could keep you accountable and boost your productivity? A tool that can help you grow personally AND in your business. A tool that will, in itself, create opportunities for you to learn. Well listen in…


I’m super excited to share with you a tool that can do ‘all that and more’ – the Hot 100 List! The Hot 100 List is something I caught onto in the early days of my career but I find elements of it come up in almost every personal development or business course I do. I realised very quickly that I came across something super powerful before I even knew what it was that I could actually achieve with it.


I truly believe that this is one of the most powerful tools for any Direct Selling business, in fact, for any sales person, marketer or entrepreneur. And you know what? It’s not only powerful but fun to use!


Anybody in any role whether you’re in corporate or self employed, working in marketing or sales, business development or management; everybody should be utilising this tool. Tune in as I explain what it is, how to create it, and how to use a Hot 100 List to its full potential!

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[5:24] Why is a Hot 100 List important?

[6:03] Your dream list

[6:43] Grow, learn, be supported and hold yourself accountable

[11:05] Constant reach outs

[12:09] Keeping your Hot 100 List handy

➡ [13:51] Jack of all trades

[15:06] Using the Hot 100 List successfully

[17:30] What does a day of connecting look like? 

[18:50] A-Z technique

[20:03] Without expectations

[22:55] Doing the maths

➡ [23:25] Tips before building your Hot 100 List

[24:44] Types of people who can be in your Hot 100 List

[26:21] A living list

➡ [29:44] Believe It 

[31:54] If you don’t try to reach out, you won’t get any response

[33:32] Don’t pick the easy ones

[38:50] Focus on the relationship

[41:12] Relationships that you want to invest in

[42:27] Connect to a potential mentor

➡ [44:08] Mentor vs coach

[46:02] Don’t let yourself get stuck



➡ “Proximity is power” – Tony Robbins



➡ Hot 100 list: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d1hAheya9QuRP9w2pYL5FKdObOwTcZmv?usp=share_link 

➡ Believe It by Jaime Kern Lima: https://bit.ly/3J5Npsh

➡ Free Facebook group: https://go.auxano.global/free-facebook-group-access


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