WT[welcome to]F… acebook | Episode 132

WTF Facebook! 


… Welcome to Facebook…. You knew what I meant, right?


Are you confused by or frustrated with the latest Facebook updates? You’re not alone! Let’s talk about those moments that make you exclaim “WTF Facebook”… and not in the welcoming sense.


Facebook performs Beta testing on new features. This means they slowly roll out new features as they come about, unlike before when they used to be (almost) perfect by the time they hit.


Beta testing means a few key things; we don’t all get features at the same time, we will experience bugs/glitches, and when things happen to you but not others – it’s not necessarily your mistake, just that others may have not yet experienced the same updates! 


So how do we overcome these bugs and glitches when they are so inconsistent and unpredictable? We simply need to take a deep breath, recognise and understand the common features. Let me share with you 5 quick tips you can apply to feel confident in the, sometimes uncertain, world of Facebook moving forward.

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We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [0:16] WTF… Welcome to Facebook!

➡ [1:08] The Facebook Pages experience

➡ [2:12] What’s happening right now

➡ [2:53] Issues with Facebook

➡ [4:34] Changes

➡ [7:36] The patterns stays the same

➡ [7:59] Be flexible

➡ [9:32] Get support, join our FREE Facebook group 

➡ [10:12] Things to note

➡ [12:03] Anonymous posting

➡ [14:03] Why I can’t post in any of my groups

➡ [15:18] 5 troubleshooting tips

➡ [15:27] Tip # 1

➡ [16:52] Chrome browsers

➡ [17:22] Tip # 2

➡ [18:00] Tip # 3

➡ [18:52] Tip # 4

➡ [19:52] HOT tip:  Use Auxano Social for scheduling posts

➡ [20:55] FREE gift from us… Auxano Social! FREE 2-week trial 

➡ [22:01] Tip # 5

➡ [24:24] Check out Auxano Social

➡ [24:35] Be like Gumby


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