Why Identifying Your Ideal Customer Is Key – with Greg Hind | Episode 084

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One of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn in sales isn’t how to ‘sell’, it’s knowing WHO you’re selling to. 

It seems pretty basic but you’d be surprised at how very few people actually apply this to their strategy. 

Not only is identifying your perfect customer the key to growing your sales, it also is a foundational aspect of scaling your business and serving more people. It’s also much more importantly the key to having the joy you want and deserve in your business.

Just taking the time to figure out who you want to connect and build a relationship with can save you a ton of time and effort. BELIEVE us, this is a journey we also had to go through, we will share with you a little of this journey in this episode!

Find out how knowing your audience and market can impact your business and strategy in a MASSIVE way!

We’ll be talking about: 

      • ➡ Introduction [0:00] 
      • ➡ Working with your ideal customer [1:43] 
      • ➡ The problem with selling to everybody [4:40]
      • ➡ Find your perfect customer [5:31]
      • ➡ It won’t feel like work [7:14]
      • ➡ You’ll find customers faster [9:47]
      • ➡ They’ll be attracted to you [11:16]
      • ➡ A reciprocity of energy and joy [13:51] 
      • ➡ The most powerful marketing tool [15:28]
      • ➡ You naturally become more productive [16:43]
      • ➡ You’ll know what content to produce [17:57]
      • ➡ Two key questions for content creation [20:57]


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