Building A Relationship With Your Customers – with Kate Maynard | Episode 083

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One of my pet peeves is having someone on Facebook I haven’t talked to in a while, message me to say Hi… then immediately send me a request, sell or link to a product they’re selling. They have no right… they have not yet earned it😣 sound familiar? I bet you’ve had this happen to you many a time too!

Remember: People buy from people they like, know and trust… they can smell the sell 

Authenticity is key~

And so it’s such an honor to have the very gorgeous Kate Maynard from Younique with me to talk more about her incredible background and journey. We had a great chat about reaching out to
your customers, getting the results YOU want in your business, and building up your team. 

As always, make sure you’ve got your pen and paper ready and tune in to this episode of the Direct Selling Accelerator! 


We’ll be talking about: 

      • ➡ Introduction [0:00]
        ➡ Kate’s Younique journey [1:56]
        ➡ The jump from medical science to makeup [4:37]
        ➡ Running a fully virtual business [9:49]
        ➡ Kate’s system to get the best results on social media [11:44]
        ➡ Tips to get your first party plan going [13:17]
        ➡ How to reach out to your customers without sounding “salesy” [16:04]
        ➡ How much time Kate spends on her business in a week [21:21]
        ➡ What Kate focuses on for the best results in business [24:10]
        ➡ Building your team [27:57]
        ➡ Kate’s business goals [30:32]
        ➡ To people who want to start a business but can’t get started [32:30]
        ➡ Kate’s book recommendations [36:09]


About our guest:

Kate Maynard is a scientist currently working for CSIRO (Australia’s National Science Agency) and was heavily involved in developing a vaccine for COVID19. She started her own business “BeYOUty by Kate,” in 2015 when she fell in love with Younique – the company from which she bought a 3D fiber lash mascara. Kate is now one of the top leaders in Australia with over 1,800 in her organisation. 

Kate is an avid traveller because of her business. She lives in Geelong, Victoria and is married to her wonderful husband Hayden and they have two gorgeous girls together: Lexie and Molly.




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