Why We Created The 14 Day Challenge – with Greg Hind | Episode 085

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Have you heard of Auxano’s 14 Day ‘Done for you’ Post Challenge? 

We get so many people email us saying “I’m overwhelmed, I’m stuck, I’m frustrated” or “What do I need to do next?” 

So we sat down and had a team meeting to brainstorm how we can help make social media easy for you guys WITHOUT just standing up, doing a keynote presentation, and just leaving you to your own devices. 

And then the 14 Day Challenge was born! Here with me today to talk about this brainchild of ours is, for the second week in a row, my husband and partner Greg 🎉🎉 What’s even BETTER… we are going to give you the chance to join our next challenge, for FREE!

We’re super excited to share this topic with you guys so I hope you’ve got your pen and paper ready because we’re giving you a backstage pass to the 14 Day Challenge 🥳

We’ll be talking about: 

      • [0:00] Introduction
        [1:11] It all started in a team meeting…
        [4:44] Planning out the 14 Day Challenge
        [7:16] The Big Picture: Building the community
        [9:26] 14 Day Challenge: Key strategies
        [15:32] 14 Day Challenge: The Animal Analogy
        [21:06] Sell without selling
        [24:29] Brace yourselves, Christmas-themed strategies are coming


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What is the 14 day challenge?

 ✔ Get a ‘done for you’ Facebook post complete with instructions AND examples each day for 14 days!
 ✔ Learn the 14 secret posting strategies that generate leads and sell without selling!
 ✔ Get awesome templates, done for you cheat sheets and bonus trainings throughout!
 ✔ Watch what others do and learn in this interactive community of like-minded people!
 ✔ Have FUN!

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Australia Monday, 22 November 12:30PM (VIC/NSW/TAS), 11:30 (QLD), 9:30 (WA)

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