“These Feet Weren’t Made for Walking… Why I’m Running a Half Marathon” | Episode 064

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This episode has been on my heart for a while but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a really tough one to do. Sometimes, the only choice you’ve got left when you think you can’t do something is to just do it….

That’s why I’m running a half marathon. A lot of people have been asking me, “Sam, why on EARTH are you doing this?” And my answer is “because I never should have been able to.” 

On July 2nd this year I’m going to teach my inner bully a thing or two but along the way I have had a realisation – I’m loved, I’m worthy, I’m powerful and I am so so grateful for the challenges that led me here to a place where I can say that. 

I hope this episode resonates with someone out there that needs the permission to kick their inner bully to the curb like I did.


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