From Struggle Street to Success With Emily Fidirikkos | Episode 065

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Life’s too short to do something you hate, so our guest for today went and did something she truly loves and eventually turned it into her full time gig  BUT it wasn’t without challenges.

Emily Fidirikkos — our guest for today — has consistently been one of the top 10 consultants in Australia for Thermomix. She joins me today as we talk about the ups and downs of her business and how she managed to overcome the struggles and challenges she has faced along the way.

Somewhere along our conversation, Emily tells me there’s nothing special about what she does, but with the success she has managed to reach, her experience tells me otherwise. It tells me that when you love what you do, success will chase you — with lots of hard work and passion on the side.

Check out today’s fun episode and take away some valuable golden nuggets from our conversation!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Emily’s story of deciding to jump ship from healthcare into direct selling [2:47]
  3. Emily’s business at present [7:34]
  4. How Emily got her footing in the industry [8:27]
  5. The struggles that Emily had to overcome in the first few months of starting her business [9:42]
  6. Lessons on connecting with and providing value to customers [11:03]
  7. Identifying and targeting ideal customers [18:17]
  8. Marketing on social media for Emily: What’s effective and what’s not? [23:09]
  9. Excellent customer service equals excellent customer satisfaction equals more customers [28:34]
  10. How did COVID change the way Emily runs her business? [29:56]
  11. Managing time and being productive [31:35]
  12. Tips on building a team and giving them the support they need [33:56]
  13. Words of advice from Emily to fairly new direct sellers and to those who are struggling in their business now [35:23]


About Emily Fidirikkos:

Emily started her direct sales business at the end of 2014 with Thermomix in Australia. As a nurse, a mum, the admin for her families concreting company and a uni student, Emily’s direct sales business was her way to have ‘me’ time that could be justified.

Through persistent commitment over the years, Emily’s direct sales business has grown from a side hustle to a full time income. Emily’s business is now in a place of stability and effortless momentum, allowing her to quit her nursing job, complete her studies and work flexibly around her family.


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