What do animals and a forest have to do with facebook? | Episode 157

Do you often find yourself asking ‘why is it that Social Media is not working for me?’


You’re doing everything you’re told to do, posting consistently and it’s still not working. Perhaps you’re even at the point where you feel like giving up! 




Don’t give up, hear me out. I get a lot of reaction when I use this (one of my favourites) analogy to help people to keep pushing forward on Social Media. This analogy is one I use a lot whenever we do our training challenges, it helps people to easily understand how to grow their business using Social Media.


This analogy is the ‘Animals in the Forest’ analogy, it gives us the ability to better use Social Media as a tool for growth and to understand its purpose. We’ll explore what animals in the forest have to do with Social Media, address some common nasty happenings we hear about over and over, and look at how to get you those results you’re yearning for.


Keep an open mind, sit back, grab your favourite drink and enjoy the episode! 


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[2:06] What has a forest and animals got to do with your Social Media?

[3:48] We’re hearing this over and over

[6:16] Finally, some results

[7:57] ‘Forest, animals and the clearing’ analogy

[9:31] Rules to abide by

[10:18] Pause and reflect 

[11:34] They are watching even though they are not interacting

[12:48] An unexpected visitor 

[13:42] My ‘AHA’ moment

[14:27] Reason for this analogy

➡ [15:06] Show people that we are safe 

[16:00] Get specific, know the customers you want to attract

[16:30] Create curiosity and intrigue

➡ [18:08] Don’t send unsolicited messages

[18:12] Building long term, sustainable relationships

[19:37] 3 things to remember




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