How the direct selling industry is changing with Michele McDonough | EP158

This episode, I am grateful to be joined by an individual who is incredibly passionate about our industry. This incredible lady started her career in Direct Selling at a young age, continued and stayed in the industry for over 4 decades, helping business owners to grow their business with her wealth of knowledge and experience. 


Today’s special guest is Michele McDonough. Michele is a highly respected influencer and thought leader in Direct Selling with a vast community of followers, colleagues and connections. Michele is a longtime member of select industry associations, as well as current and past board positions. 


Michele joins us to talk about what Direct Selling was when she started out, what it really is now as an industry and where it is heading in the future. True to her nature, she shares with us her vast expertise and wisdom, not only from a corporate perspective, but as someone who has lived experience and success in Direct Selling herself. We’ll look at everything going on in the Direct Selling field and what’s to come in this space. Tune on in and enjoy!

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:02] Having over 40 years of experience

➡ [5:20] Similar background

➡ [7:48] Biggest challenges

➡ [09:54] Having different dynamics

➡ [10:40] Corporate mirroring 

➡ [12:04 What will be your focus for your Direct Selling business?

➡ [13:42] Direct selling in 5 years

➡ [16:38] Our industry is losing what’s makes it special 

➡ [18:50] Looking for the right balance

➡ [21:47] Gen Z are coming through and they are a different ball game

➡ [24:50] Branding yourself by tailoring to different age groups with different needs & values

➡ [26:54] Thinking outside of the box

➡ [27:54] A sneak peak from corporate head office 

➡ [29:29] News from the sales field

➡ [32:08] Accepting change

➡ [33:20] Tips on building and supporting team creation

➡ [35:46] Getting it right

➡ [36:37] Michele’s recommended book

➡ [37:48 ] Michele’s dream superpower

➡ [39:05] Michele’s favourite quote

➡ [39:47] Michele’s advice to her past self

➡ [42:43] Reach out to Michele on LinkedIn

➡ [43:10] Final thoughts



➡ Book Recommendation: Managing from the Heart: Https://bit.ly/3mNNtDM


About our Guest:

Michele McDonough is a corporate rainmaker in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Branding, Strategic Initiatives, Training & Business Development with a successful track record in leadership positions with proven results. With 40+ years as a Senior Executive in Direct Selling Michele has brought to success party plan and network marketing companies from concept to launch with Fortune 500 companies, e- commerce ventures and startup companies offering a wide range of consumer products in the U.S. and abroad as a strategic consultant. 

Michele has designed and delivered programs and processes from strategy to concept to completion, to drive business performance for long-term growth and maximum ROI.  Michele grew up in Direct Selling, starting out as a field sales leader and eventually rising to corporate positions as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing to GM role(s).  


Currently, engaged as co-founder of C3 Executive Search, Michele believes in the life-changing potential of Direct Sales as she has experienced it firsthand. With her many years of experience and respected connections, talent acquisition is a passion of hers, as it has been throughout her career. Her ability to match the best of the best talent to a successful Direct Selling organization is her dream. Her intuitive sense of providing that perfect match is what makes C3 Executive Search so successful and highly regarded in the direct selling industry!


Connect with Michele McDonough: 

➡ Michele McDonough LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michele-mcdonough/

➡ C3 Executive Search website: https://www.c3executivesearch.com/

➡ C3 Executive Search Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069643020781


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