How to network like a pro and grow an unstoppable business | Episode 159

The Direct Selling Industry and Social Media space are both forever adapting and changing. We continually gain many amazing new tools to use in business, along with those tried and true, trusty techniques that never get old (face to face, I’m looking at you!). BUT, with so much at your fingertips, how do you know which tool you should use to network effectively? 


What will best help you to grow your business and where should you focus your efforts? 


This episode I am super excited to share one of the most valuable lessons and some of the most powerful tools that I have discovered in starting my own business. These important pieces of advice apply to every aspect in growing a business and will also impact your life….


Let’s talk the art of networking like a pro!


We’ll equip you with what you need to not only open the door to more opportunities and connections, but could also introduce you to incredible mentors and lifelong friends as it did for me. We’ll talk how to use these tools effectively and some rules before diving in.


Sit back, listen in and enjoy the episode!


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[2:37] Diving into the process

[4:53] Being confident but…

[5:34] Learning a lesson the hard way

[9:31] Valuable lessons for networking and connecting

[11:02] One conversation that could change your life

[11:37] Expectations or hidden agendas

[14:22] Be yourself

[17:21] Think outside of the box 

[18:21] Take note

[19:22] Networking – doing vs being seen

➡ [21:51] Join relevant groups

[24:16] You need to market and promote

[27:19] The dating process

➡ [28:00] Hot tip: Establish commonality quickly by…

[31:10] The A-Z technique

[34:25] Reach out methods

[38:04] In person meetings

➡ [39:42] Final thoughts





➡ Dating Formula – How to convert a Social Media fan into a raving customer; episode link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltizwXlMsqU

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