Unfiltered: Q&A with Greg and Sam | Episode 177

It’s a Spotlight Special! Today marks a novel departure from the norm – get ready for a dash of fun as we embark on a quest to tackle your queries in the most entertaining way! Our dynamic team assembled a medley of questions ranging from the realms of Social Media to our innermost musings.  Devoid of scripts, no rehearsed lines – it’s just us, your animated hosts, ready to field an eclectic array of questions.

What sets this escapade apart is that neither Greg nor I have had a sneak peek at these intriguing inquiries. We’re leaping into the unknown, plucking questions at random, and serving up unfiltered, sometimes unexpected, responses with a side of spontaneity. Why? It’s a chance for us to connect on a more personal level, as authentic individuals, showing the real people behind the advice we share.

For those who are tuning into the audio rendition, rest assured, the anticipation is genuine. With every question drawn, we’ll navigate uncharted territory, addressing the questions head-on. So, whether your curiosity veers towards industry insights or you’re simply itching for an unscripted exchange, we invite you to accompany us as we break the mould, unravelling what makes us unique and delve into the vibrant world of Direct Selling! 

No more waiting – let’s jump right in!


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[2:14] Name 3 things we can’t live without?

[3:07] Our favourite shows on Netflix

[4:22] If we had 1 hour each day to do anything, what would we do?

➡ [7:19] Most funny but smart advertising ever seen

[9:35] Favourite and must have device/product for digital marketing

[14:14] Top of our travel bucket list

[16:35] Future of Social Media

[19:14] Looking to the future

[21:04] Sam and Greg in school

[22:13] Do we have phobias? 

➡ [25:30] How did we meet?

[26:37] A change of lifestyle and place

[27:40] Best business or personal development books 

[27:50] 3 celebrities at our dinner table

[28:56] Funny conference moments

[29:48]  What career would we be doing if we weren’t here now?

[30:25] Weekday routine vs weekend routine 

[31:13] Passion for teaching people how to nail Social Media

[33:31] Pineapple on Pizza, yes or no?





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