Courageous commitment: The art of showing up | Episode 176

In this episode, I want to open up, get personal and talk about something that’s close to my heart – the importance of showing up and being courageous in running your business.


Starting out on a business venture can be seriously nerve-wracking, and let’s face it, we’re bound to stumble upon hurdles along the way. But despite all the challenges, remember this – it’s not just about the product or service you provide; it’s about YOU. Your business is like a little piece of your soul, a reflection of you, YOU are what people are connecting with.


I receive messages from people fearing judgement or dealing with negativity… But here’s a secret – every single successful person out there faces this stuff day in and day out. So, let’s be brave together and overcome these challenges.


I’m all about sharing my journey, and my hope is that it gives you a boost of courage. Embrace every single bit of awesomeness that YOU bring to your business, be all that you are meant to be. You didn’t just stumble upon this and it’s no accident – you’re here for a reason. So let’s jump right in and step into that true, incredible potential of ours, side by side. Ready? Let’s do this together!


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[2:24] People do business with those people they like, know and trust

[3:34] One key word

[4:22] Ask yourself seven times

➡ [5:20] What matters to you?

[8:13] Negative perceptions

[9:20] When I first started

[10:47] The value of relationships on Social Media

[11:28] Learning the hard way

[12:59] From Sam Lee’s Consulting to Auxano

[14:10] Leading from the front 

➡ [15:39] Negative bias

[17:50] An unexpected visitor

[18:54] Your impact has to be about the ONE

[20:28] Beware: your commitment will tested

[23:37] About this particular day

[24:42] Serving that one person 

[26:29] You need to show up

[31:31] Your story, your journey

[34:26] Micro stories

[36:25] Final thoughts



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