Tips for finding balance as a parent in Direct Selling (Direct Selling Accelerator Encore Edition!) | Episode 173

It’s time to get a little personal.


I’ve often been asked by people in my circle and within my network how I manage my time as a mother, and wife, while building our business which involves frequent travel and long hours of our time. 


Creating and keeping routine in our household amidst the ever-changing landscape of our business has been quite challenging. People even refer to me as a “supermum,” but to be honest, every mother is doing her best in her own way.


I want to share six valuable tips I’ve learned over the years as both a parent and an entrepreneur. These tips will help you navigate the delicate balance between family and business. If you find yourself struggling with parental guilt due to insufficient time and an overwhelming workload, this episode is a must-listen.


Sit back, relax and enjoy this episode.

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[1:16] Parental guilt 

[3:19] What started as a consulting agency

[4:23] I hate being labelled as…

➡ [6:16] Tip #1: Phones

[8:24] House rule, mobile devices on aeroplane mode

[9:44] Tip #2: Mentors

[10:22] The need for a coach or a mentor

[14:02] Tip #3: Exercising

[15:42] Invest in a personal trainer

[17:47] Tip #4: Family

➡ [19:51] Constantly going, constantly moving

[20:54] Tip #5: Planners

[21:34] My recommended book planners 

[25:15] Tip #6: Relationships

➡ [26:09] Bonus tip: date night

[27:50] Date night rules

➡ [29:01] Final thoughts

➡ [30:14] Recap



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