No leads, no support, no training? No worries! How to start from scratch with inaugural Queen of SeneGence, Jeri Taylor Swade | EP172

If you’re involved in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Party Plan, Network Marketing, or considering starting your own Direct Selling business, then this is the episode for you.


I had the privilege and honor of hosting the inaugural Queen of SeneGence, Jeri Taylor Swade, who held this esteemed title for 14 years. Jeri is the founding consultant of one of the largest Direct Selling companies globally.


Around 25 years ago, Jeri ventured into her SeneGence business with no prior experience, limited knowledge, and little understanding of what lay ahead. Within a few years, she turned things around, dedicating herself full time to the business and never looking back. Her team achieved remarkable success, generating $2.5 million in team sales.


Jeri talks openly and honestly with us, candidly sharing the challenges she has faced and the journey she has ventured on to make over $90 million in company revenue throughout her career. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired!

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:19] First queen of Senegence, Jeri Taylor Swade

➡ [5:01] Who is Jeri?

➡ [6:21] What’s in a title

➡ [9:59] It started with… 

➡ [16:48] A pioneer distributor

➡ [23:37] Open your mouth and start taking

➡ [28:00] Believe in, and be connected with, your product

➡ [30:07] Know your product

➡ [32:47] Kick-start your business 

➡ [36:57] Lead what you care about

➡ [41:36] Adapting your business 

➡ [45:14] Mistakes that lead to failure

➡ [50:00] Doing the same thing 

➡ [53:11] Having different goals

➡ [57:02] Do the work

➡ [58:01] Jeri’s favourite book

➡ [59:00 ] Jeri’s favourite quote

➡ [59:20] Jeri’s dream superpower

➡ [1:00:38] Jeri’s advice to her past self

➡ [1:01:28] Final thoughts


➡ Joni Rogers-Kante episode: https://youtu.be/XXqGZTYp4r0

➡ My Catalog: https://issuu.com/home/published/beauty_book_april_2022 

Book Recommendations: 

➡ 22 Women Ultrapreneurs & History-Making Couples by Deb Drummond : https://amzn.to/3r9YOAr



“Keep on keeping on”


About our guest:

With no knowledge or understanding of the Direct Sales/Network Marketing world, Jeri started out as a “part time” SeneGence distributor 24 years ago. After 2 years, she made the decision to go full time. Within a few short years Jeri had achieved the title of Queen in SeneGence International and was the First Queen of SeneGence. In fact, she was the only Queen for 14 years. To reach the level of Queen, her team did 6.5 Million in sales for that year. Overall her International team has done about 80 million in Global Organizational volume to date.

Jeri is a Certified International Trainer, she has opened 5 countries for SeneGence. She is a Motivator, Master of Beauty and Business, as well as a Direct Sales Expert and Founding Pioneer. Jeri is also an award winning author and Certified International Trainer, International Team builder, and SeneGence “SeneBlue” Car Driver. Recently, Jeri was recognized as a Record Breaker for the 2nd time in the company’s history. Jeri was Awarded SeneGence International 2015 LEAD makeup Artist for the world of SeneGence (All countries). She is an Elite Makeup Artist as well.

Jeri has traveled to Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom with SeneGence.


Connect with Jeri Taylor Swade:

➡ Jeri Taylor Swade’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeritaylorswade/

➡ Jeri Taylor Swade’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/kissesfromjeri

➡ Jeri Taylor Swade’s Website:      www.LiquidMakeup.com 





➡ Jeri Taylor Swade’s TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@liquidmakeup 

➡ Jeri Taylor Swade’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/LiquidMakeup_USA

➡ Jeri’s Pinterest: www.Pinterest.com/LiquidMakeup


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