The Rollercoaster Ride of Business Building | Episode 014

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Running a business has its ups and downs. Similar to life, you go through season upon season. Depending on where you are, the important thing is to keep showing up. Oftentimes, this is difficult as it tests your commitment to the long game.

Wherever you are in your life or business today, it always helps to get support from a mentor that could inspire you to keep going. That’s who we have with us here now.

My friend, confidante, and first ever business coach, Celine Egan, is here to share with us her amazing story. We go over how she started in the direct-selling industry and how it has been a  roller coaster ride through multiple seasons.

If you’re someone who has felt their dedication get tested, especially at this time, this episode might offer you the motivation to get you fueled up to hit the road again, so to speak.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [00:24]
  2. Teaching from an experience perspective [04:31]
  3. Great conflict triggers growth [06:36]
  4. The first season: Growing in confidence and making money [09:26]
  5. The next season: Juggling between being a mom and a merchant banker [13:17]
  6. Another season: Turning her side hustle into a business [15:00]
  7. Get back above the line of responsibility and stop the blame [20:40]
  8. Letting go of shame [24:39]
  9. Switch your justification story to a reason to be successful [25:59]
  10. Always play above the line and with integrity [30:00]
  11. Commit to the long game and go along for the journey [34:22]
  12. Back yourself when it’s hard [37:33]
  13. Everything is a roller coaster [38:41]
  14. Why you should always show up [42:01]

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