Virtual Parties and Too Much Shopping with Special Guest Greg | Episode 015

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In this episode, we had some fun and recounted with you what happened when lockdown orders came out in March. This has possibly been the most fun I can remember having as a grown woman…. AND Greg gave me full permission! At least in the beginning… The day he needed a wheelbarrow to bring in the mail things changed (true story!!)

We talk also about the action steps we took to get people ready to shift to virtual parties, the shopping we had to do to answer the current need, the key things to running successful parties, and so much more.

When news about the lockdown orders being implemented got out, it was bad news for direct-sellers who relied on home parties to sell. Face-to-face has been their way of doing business for so long that losing that could mean the end of their business.

In drastic times come opportunities to adapt. My husband Greg and I quickly moved to find out how we could help people.

We’ve entered the new normal, but it’s not too late for you to get into virtual parties. So get into this episode to learn from the insights we picked up.


We’ll be talking about:

  1. Facing an uncertain time [01:50]
  2. Virtual party plans as the way forward [03:22]
  3. Going deep into parties and shopping [07:20]
  4. Lessons from attending 60 parties [10:18]
  5. Elements of good parties [15:02]
  6. Successful virtual party stories [17:20]
  7. 3 key things for successful parties: Don’t forget about pre-engagement [22:31]
  8. 3 key things for successful parties: Bring your energy to connect [25:39]
  9. 3 key things for successful parties: Get a really good starting point [27:51]
  10. Recap of the 3 key things [30:23]


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