The dating formula – How to convert a social media fan into a raving customer | Episode 154

Want to know how to date your ideal customer?

I’m not talking romantic dinners, sending flowers or a trip to the cinema… I’m talking about one of my absolute favourite analogies and methods to build relationships with your ideal customers, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

Imagine if on a first date someone asked “will you marry me?”


… Going into a relationship, you don’t ask for a marriage or a commitment the very first time. You haven’t earned it yet. Selling is no different, you can’t ask for a commitment straight up.


The catch is, this is how many people show up on Social Media. They dive straight into the sell, asking for a commitment, before even taking their dream customer on one simple date. Here’s the thing though; people buy from people they like, know and trust.


So how do we build that trust, how do we ‘date’ our customers and earn their commitment that we’re chasing? Tune in as I share with you a simple formula that does exactly that, one that anybody can use easily and that actually WORKS.


I’m going to arm you with tips and scripts that you can implement simply to help build your strategy, increase your performance and create better, longer lasting, relationships that grow a sustainable business. 


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[3:12] Date, date, date, light commitment

[3:32] Come up with a piece of value

[5:18] Examples that might help

[7:06] Date # 1: Send a personalised message, one on one

[7:41] Sample scripts 

[8:44] Use language you would use

[9:21] Date: #2: Use a different piece of value

[9:49] Hot tip! Need some creative ideas? 

[10:12 Date # 3: Flick them another piece of value 

[10:41] Enter with light commitment

➡ [12:17] Opportunity to connect personally  

[13:18] Create some demands – how to do it

[16:10] Reap what you sow

➡ [17:10] Your numbers are critical

[18:12] Building long term, sustainable relationships




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