The BIGGEST Social Media Trends for 2022 with Charley Valher | Episode 103

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2022 is a CRAZY year for social media! 


To talk about this, I’ve invited a very special person – a great friend of mine, and probably the best copywriter I know… the awesome Charley Valher 🥳🥳🥳


We’re going a bit off the rails in this episode because it’s actually Charley who’s turned the tables and decided to ask ME the questions! 


Stay tuned because we’ll be covering the HUGE changes coming this year, the best platform for direct sellers, what kind of content you should be making, and heaps more! 


Grab your favourite drink, 🍵☕ bring out your pen and paper, and get ready for some golden nuggets speckled all throughout this fun episode. Enjoy! 


We’ll be talking about: 


        • ➡ [00:00] Introduction
          ➡ [1:45] A little bit about Charley and Valher Media
          ➡ [4:04] A twist: Charley interviews ME!
          ➡ [5:16] What you should STOP doing in Social Media this 2022
          ➡ [8:40] Is Facebook still IN for Direct Sellers?
          ➡ [12:13] Adapting to the new virtual world
          ➡ [15:48] What Social Media Platform Should You Use in 2022?
          ➡ [17:50] The BEST content to make this year
          ➡ [19:46] The rise of short-form videos
          ➡ [24:10] The #1 priority when starting a business from scratch
          ➡ [28:59] My TOP students are doing THIS and succeeding…
          ➡ [35:25] What’s coming to Facebook in 2022
          ➡ [37:33] Charley’s book recommendation
          ➡ [40:38] Charley’s favourite quote and ideal superpower



About our Guest: 

Charley Valher got his first taste of business when he was 10. He started trading, swapping, and selling Pokémon cards. He knew right then that business was for him.


Fast forward to 2012; Charley became an eBay merchant selling products imported from the U.S. and China. Making money was easy. Then, he quickly learned that it’s not just about the product. It is also about the ranking on Google search! Having a great product doesn’t automatically translate to profit. That’s how he learned digital marketing.


In 2014, Charley ran his first 7-figure company and earned profits through Google and Facebook ads. He followed that with the first company Charley has ever run, with over 100 staff – Outsourcing Angel.


Today, Charley is managing his own business, Valher Media, that builds podcasts and YouTube channels.


‘The Boron Letters’ by  Gary C. Halbert and Bond Halbert – https://amzn.to/3uRDIGK 


Connect with Charley:
Charley’s website: https://charleyvalher.com/ 

Charley on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/charley-valher/ 

Charley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charleyvalher/ 


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