Social Media Tips for 2022 with Cinchshare CEO and Founder Jennifer Johnson | Episode 104

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What’s working on social media right now, in 2022? 🤔 


In the previous episode, we talked about the huge changes coming to social media. We’re keeping the ball rolling today and we’ll be covering the top things you should be doing to get the most out of Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms! 


Joining us today is the beautiful Jennifer Johnson, the founder and CEO of Cinchshare – a social media scheduling app to manage all of your social media and Facebook parties in one place. Through this tool, Jen and her husband have helped over 250,000 users schedule more than 100 million posts and over 10 million Facebook parties. 


In this special episode, Jen and I will be chatting about the hot Facebook feature you should be using, the best practices when planning your content, how to start authentic conversations in a virtual setting, and many more!


Get your pen and paper ready because there’s a lot of golden nuggets sprinkled in this one! Tune in and enjoy!


We’ll be talking about: 


        • ➡ [00:00] Introduction
          ➡ [0:40] Jennifer’s story: The RV life and starting the business
          ➡ [5:06] What is Cinchshare?
          ➡ [6:28] Cinchshare updates for 2022
          ➡ [11:09] The HOT Facebook feature you should be using
          ➡ [13:44] Content planning tips
          ➡ [16:04] How to start authentic conversations in social media
          ➡ [19:53] Using hashtags in 2022
          ➡ [22:30] The biggest MISTAKE direct sellers make in social media
          ➡ [24:44] Starting a Facebook Business Page from scratch
          ➡ [26:07] #1 advice when starting your social media for business
          ➡ [27:04] Jennifer’s book recommendations
          ➡ [28:15] Jennifer’s ideal superpower and favourite quote
          ➡ [30:33] What Jennifer would like to say to her past self



About our Guest: 

Jennifer Johnson is the founder and CEO of CinchShare.


Jen started as a small business owner juggling owning a pottery studio and online art gallery with motherhood. She designed the tools she needed to make running her business easier with limited time and, in the process, uncovered a need in the market for scheduling software that is both simple to use and incredibly powerful.


Today, the tool Jen and her husband built has helped over 250,000 users schedule more than 100 million posts and over 10 million Facebook parties. Through CinchShare, Jen aims to make it simple for entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell and grow through social media.


‘Facebook Party Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl’ by Lynn Bardowski – https://amzn.to/3GRadHC 

‘She’s Come Undone’ by Wally Lamb – https://amzn.to/3LCw8FZ 


Connect with Cinchshare: 

Cinchshare on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CinchShare 

Cinchshare on Twitter – https://twitter.com/CinchShare 

Cinchshare on Instagram – http://instagram.com/cinchshare 

Cinchshare on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/cinchshare/

Cinchshare on Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/cinchshare 


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