The 3 Magic Skills I Learned From Door to Door That I Still Use Everyday | Episode 102

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A little secret about me…. I never completed year 12 😱


☝ What does this have to do with my journey? Well… EVERYTHING!


I started door to door before I knew any better,  in the days when you found a job through newspapers… remember those? 😂


Door to door was literally the HARDEST job I’ve ever had to do yet also the best learning experience and it’s my years of experience in that field that really shaped me into the person I am today. 


…And let me tell you something in common with door to door and social media: It’s a numbers game!


Today, I am sharing with you 3 valuable lessons I learned throughout my door to door sales experience – and I hope you’ve got you’re favourite drink with you because we’re going back in time and digging up some golden nuggets from yesteryear! 


Tune in and enjoy!

We’ll be talking about: 


        • ➡ [0:00] Introduction
        • ➡ [0:33] Early beginnings…
        • ➡ [1:39] A journey to the big open world
        • ➡ [3:54] Getting started with door-to-door sales
        • ➡ [7:09] Magic Skill #1: Grabbing attention in 7 seconds
        • ➡ [9:52] Establishing commonality
        • ➡ [14:10] Social media as a relationship-building tool
        • ➡ [17:10] Mirroring and Matching
        • ➡ [19:51] Magic Skill #2: Turning a “NO” into a “YES”
        • ➡ [24:16] Using a ‘pause’ to your advantage
        • ➡ [27:16] It’s a numbers game
        • ➡ [31:27] Being sales-y does NOT work
        • ➡ [35:12] Magic Skill #3: Being prepared for knockbacks



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