The 5 key stages to running a virtual party or event | Episode 007

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If the idea of taking your business online is such a scary prospect, then you are not alone. As direct sellers, we thrive on human to human interactions that’s personal and allows us to build rapport.

But as we’re all confined to our homes, there is a need for change. Social media can be a powerful tool to prioritize your business and keep moving forward. It presents you with an amazing opportunity to take your business to new levels.

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about taking your direct selling business online. You need to be adapting and learning new skills to make new connections. One way to do that is through virtual parties.

If you want to reach new customers that will bring you more joy and income, then tune in to this episode now.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. The importance of storytelling for virtual parties [02:37]
  2. What’s holding people back from doing virtual parties [05:03]
  3. Running successful virtual parties [10:01]
  4. Stage 1 of running virtual parties: set up and host training [10:55]
  5. Stage 2 of running virtual parties: inviting guests and pre-engagement process [13:30]
  6. Stage 3 of running virtual parties: going live process [17:49]
  7. Stage 4 of running virtual parties: closing the sale [23:22]
  8. Stage 5 of running virtual parties: following up [28:38]
  9. Recap of the 5 stages of running successful virtual parties [30:44]


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