Protecting Your Profile From Hackers and More… | Episode 062

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We may have hated the term “lockdown” in the previous months. But this is one “lockdown” you’re going to appreciate.

How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and your Facebook profile was gone? Unfortunately, this is a very real risk if you haven’t done a security check recently. Each week we are getting a growing number of people messaging us saying they’ve lost access to their pages, profiles, and groups, with very little to no way of recovering them.

Consider this, how many personal pictures and connections do you have that are relatively irreplaceable? So it goes without saying that when something like this happens, it’s an emotional experience. But what’s even more devastating is the fact that it will most certainly affect your entire business, especially with direct sellers.

Thankfully there is much you can do to protect and secure your profile, pages, and groups. I’ll be talking to you today about how you can make sure that your profiles and pages are 100% secure from hackers and shut down.

Tune in and we’ve even added a valuable resource for you!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
    • Locking down and securing your Personal Profile [2:04]
    • Settings for hackers [2:53]
    • Although Facebook is a good way to grow your business, you need to learn to set boundaries  [4:33]
    • Who can see your personal information? [7:15]
    • Checking and updating your password [7:46]
    • Asking Facebook to notify you when someone logs into your account [9:38]
    • Setting up a two-factor authentication [10:23]
    • Logging your Facebook profile out of every device it’s signed into [11:40]
    • Check the registered email address on your Facebook [13:46]
    • Download a copy of all your information on Facebook [16:00]
    • Check your memorialization settings [17:33]
  2. Securing your business pages/groups [19:18]
    • Update page roles [21:23]
  3. Make sure to follow Facebook policies and rules of use [23:18]



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