Getting Unstuck and Tough Love With Kyrya Clancy | Episode 061

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‘I feel stuck!’ Ever caught yourself saying this? I sure have! Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful friend who knows this industry like the back of her hand. One of the things I love most about Kyrya Clancy aside from the hilarious banter – is that she simply says it how it is.

As SeneGence International Regional Sales Manager Kyrya knows all about growing a direct selling business and she also knows the common sticking points. Join us for this episode for some (tough) but loving advice on how to get unstuck…. And maybe even have a little laugh along with us!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Intro (00:00)
  2. The truth about Kyrya taking the multi-level marketing route and why she’s still crushing it  (09:38)
  3. Myth debunked: Teaching direct selling does not mean you can do direct selling  (15:33)
  4. Have a real talk with yourself and be honest about what doesn’t work (13:53)
  5. The evolution of direct selling in the last 20 years (22:08)
  6. Be yourself, everything else has already been taken (26:36)
  7. Never forget that you were once brand new (30:03)
  8. Technology is great, but don’t forget the basics (31:36)
  9. Be approachable. (38:47)
  10. Recognising that tough love is genuine love (40:31)
  11. What Would Kyrya Do Pt. 1: Identifying the objective of a customer follow-up (44:55)
  12. What Would Kyrya Do Pt. 2: How to get unstuck? (46:23)
  13. What Would Kyrya Do Pt. 3:  Best place to get a headstart when you’re new to direct selling (47:09)
  14. Secret to Kyrya’s abundant supply of energy (49:39)

About Our Guest:

Kyrya Clancy is the Regional Sales Manager for SeneGence International in both Australia and New Zealand. SeneGence International is a leading multi-level marketing company selling long lasting makeup. It’s flagship product that put it on the map is LipSence – the long lasting lip colour!




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