Growing A Party Plan Business With Krissy Kelly | Episode 060

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Welcome this episode’s guest Krissy Kelly, Executive Director with LeRêve, an Australian owned Party Plan business specialising in fragrance and aromatherapy. Krissy is a rockstar at online parties and she shares with us how she had her most successful year in 2020 after almost 20 years in the business!


Let’s listen to Krissy spilling the beans on how you can be a direct-selling girl boss just like her, and still enjoy a work-life balance.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Party planning in the time of pandemic [07:06]
  3. Managing a work-life balance [12:08]
  4. Building a community online and making social media work for you [15:00]
  5. Identifying your target customers for your business [18:14]
  6. Going online when in person isn’t possible [18:47]
  7. Nurturing and expanding connections while setting healthy boundaries with your network  [24:49]
  8. Fun and creative strategies [26:24]
  9. Closing sales and managing customer expectations [28:40]
  10. The right kind of social media content and tools that work[30:50]
  11. Advice for direct selling newbies from Krissy Kelly [33:25]



About Our Guest:

Krissy has been with Le Reve since 2001, and is now the Executive Director.  She loves the freedom of being her own boss and working her home business around her husband and 2 kids – Xavier 11, and Sienna 8.

LeReve are a beautiful family run, Aussie company who produce the highest quality French concentrated perfumes, Aromatherapy products, fragranced soy candles, reed diffusers & natural skincare.

She enjoys running her business both online from home, and face to face to get her social fix!


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