Achieving Your Goals and Beating Overwhelm With Keith Abraham | Episode 059

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Well are you in for a treat today! Meet my guest for this episode, Keith Abraham — a global authority on goal achievement with over 22 years of experience, who is also the creator of the tried-and-tested Goaldriver ™  Formula. Today, Keith shares with me valuable advice on how to be bulletproof while working towards your goals. 

We chatted about overwhelm, habits, our ‘why’, mindset and he imparted some easily actionable advice. Keith even shared some of his personal habits to achieve his own goals! 

If you are anything like me you will come away from this interview feeling inspired and ready to conquer anything!

Plug those earphones in now because it’s your time to shine!

We’ll be talking about:

  1.  Introduction (00:00)
  2. Who is Keith Abraham? (03:23)
  3. The difference between those that do well in direct selling, and those that don’t (07:05)
  4.  Identify your “why” and get over your need to be liked ASAP (13:35)
  5.  The six mindsets of an amplified attitude (18:31)
  6.  Telltale signs of a person locked onto their goals (25:24)
  7.  Successful social media for your business starts with the right mindset (28:51)
  8.  Conquering your social media without feeling overwhelmed (33:41)
  9.  The goaldriver formula blueprint (34:03)
  10.  When the “why” becomes clear, the “how” becomes easy (38:13)
  11.  The healthy daily rituals on social media for your business (40:32)
  12. Keith’s daily secret recipe for success (45:28)
  13. Parting advice from Keith for first-timers in direct selling (49:17)

About Our Guest:

Keith Abraham is a world-renowned professional speaker on goal achievement, and a best-selling author of five books published in 12 languages. He has delivered to an audience of over 1.6 million people across 33 different countries worldwide, and is the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career including the Nevin Award in 2002, the highest award given to a Professional Speaker, and was named Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2012.

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