How To Be Successful Without Burnout with James Yates | Episode 122

Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? Perhaps you’re struggling with what to do next?

In a fast-paced and increasingly busy world, we need to know how to navigate what’s in front of us. Today we are catching up with the incredible James Yates to explore navigating forward with positive momentum! We’ll dive deep into understanding that success does not have to mean exhaustion; exploring not only what can cause burnout BUT how to overcome it to thrive. 


Listen in as James shares how you can get to the top without fatigue; figuring out a way to be a successful parent, a successful business person AND have optimal health at the same time.  Seems impossible? It doesn’t have to be!


James Yates is a high performance coach, speaker and conscious entrepreneur.  He specialises in both human optimisation and conscious entrepreneurship, working extensively with a wide range of individuals and corporations to improve both their personal and professional performance.  With his 18+ years of high impact events, programs, products and retreats James developed a company which represents his life mission – Reignite Enterprises. 


We know you’re going to love this episode so sit back, take notes and enjoy! Make sure to listen for the incredibly generous offer to attend your own Reignite Retreat too! 

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [4:08] The journey behind James Yates’ story

➡ [11:35] Understanding the cause of burnout

➡ [14:49] When was the last time you detoxed your mind and body?

➡ [19:20] Defining success from James’ perspective

➡ [23:03] You can have it all

➡ [24:41] Cleaning up the vessel 

➡ [26:35] How to build a really successful Direct Selling business

➡ [28:37] Importance of detoxing and why we need it

➡ [35:34] Connection with self and family

➡ [39:50] Check out the incredible retreats James puts together

➡ [45:21] James’ generous discount to his retreat



About Our Guests: 


James Yates is a high performance coach, speaker and conscious entrepreneur.

Specialising in both human optimisation and conscious entrepreneurship, James has worked extensively with a wide range of individuals and corporations to improve and amplify both their personal and professional performance. James believes that to achieve our greatest potential in life requires a multi-faceted approach, with strong investment in our energy, wellbeing, relationships & purpose as the foundation to lead from.


Calling on a wide range of practical tools, techniques and bio-hacks that he has developed and utilised over an 18+ year career, James’ high impact events, programs, products and retreats are all built on real life experiences that he has tried and tested personally with great effect. With this experience, he developed a company which represents his life’s mission; Reignite Enterprises. Reignite brings to market an exclusive peak performance based Eco-System that creates unique programs, products & experiences to support the evolution of consciousness & the expansion of human potential.


James has spoken at hundreds of events across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US, sharing his insights and wisdom with a unique, impactful and thought provocative style. He has also received praise for a variety of professional accomplishments, including being recognised as one of the World’s Top 3 Home Business Trainers, and being celebrated as the #1 Sales Recruiter for 2 x large multinational companies where he developed, supported and coached various high performers.


James is extremely passionate about helping as many people as possible live their calling and do what they love. He has countless testimonials from people who’s lives have been transformed by the strategies and techniques he has helped them to master. Based in Australia with his family, James travels regularly to run Reignite’s events and retreats in locations all over the world.


➡ Reignite retreat: https://www.reignitelife.com/experiences/

➡ 10% off coupon on All Reignite retreats: auxano


Connect with James Yates:

➡ James Yates on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesyatescoach/





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