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The Facebook Algorithm 2022 | Episode 123

I’m often asked “how do we beat the Facebook algorithm?”…


In today’s episode I’m going to address that question but want you to listen in with something very important in mind – it’s not about ‘beating’ the algorithm, it’s about working WITH it and using it to YOUR advantage.


This algorithm is one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology we have right now with its ever adapting capabilities.  It helped Facebook and Instagram to know more about you than probably know about yourself. The algorithm is being constantly developed by people, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It evaluates every post with one main goal: to keep users on the platform.


I’ll share with you what the algorithm actually is, important 2022 updates you need to know and how to make it work for you. Let’s break down the gibberish, uncomplicate working WITH the algorithm and learn how to use the tools we have effectively in order to grow!

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[0:13] How do we beat the Facebook algorithm… or do we?

[1:09] Correcting your language

[2:07] Mindset

[2:39] Simplifying the complicated

➡ [3:32] Someone we can learn from

[6:52] We are all born intelligent in our own way 

[8:37] Solutions

[10:52] How Facebook adapted to keep the platform going

[11:38] Algorithm is a program like human learning

[13:13] Each post in your feed is customised to you 

➡ [14:28] Knowing things about you means knowing your ideal target customer too

➡ [15:31] Working with the algorithm, not against it

➡ [16:03] Engagement is the key

[18:06] The importance of User Generated Content 

[19:48] Video, video, video

[22:10] Newest feature priorities 

➡ [23:52] Need help? Jump in to our group

➡ [24:06] Check out our premium signature course

➡ [24:52] Recap




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