Empowering Tips and Strategies for Direct Selling Success! with Kylie Burnett | EP179

Welcome back to the Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast. We’re thrilled to have you join us for another episode brimming with valuable insights and motivational content. If you’re deeply involved in Direct Selling, whether it’s Party Plan, network marketing, MLM, or any specific facet within this dynamic field, and you’re on a mission to elevate your business, you’ve come to the perfect place.


This podcast operates on a simple principle: arming you with valuable tips, smart tricks, and effective strategies sourced directly from seasoned industry experts. And today, we’ve lined up an exceptional guest – the incredible Kylie Burnett, co-founder and CEO of Flavourista, a prominent direct selling company in Australia


Kylie’s journey is a captivating fusion of experience and innovation. Not only does she lead a thriving Direct Selling company, but she has also blazed trails as a top leader herself. Drawing from this extensive background, she imparts invaluable insights into relationship-building, achieving those essential victories, and navigating the intricate landscape of this industry.


So tune in, soak up the wisdom and get ready to be inspired, learning from the amazing Kylie Burnett. Enjoy! 

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[3:37] Getting to know Kylie Burnett

[4:55] Jumping from distributor to starting a Direct Selling Company

[7:13] Committing to grow your passion

➡ [11:05] Strategies for a consistent flow of leads and events

[14:15] Bridging communication gaps

[15:46] A different perspective

[18:07] Leading a company

[19:59] Getting momentum and business growth

[24:26] Building relationships

[25:43] Providing extra value 

➡ [28:27] Advice for stepping into Direct Selling

[30:55] Is it safe to step in into the Direct Selling space

[34:31] Learning along the way

[40:59] Kylie’s favourite book

[41:37] Kylie’s dream superpower

[46:49] Kylie’s favourite quote

[48:13] Running your own show

[51:49] Final words 


 ➡ The Go Giver by Bob Burg: https://bit.ly/3ri5pcq



 ➡ You and you alone are responsible for what is and what is not possible in your life 


About our guest: 

Kylie Burnett is the CEO and a co-Founder of Flavourista, an Australian Direct Sales foodie company. She is passionate about the Direct Selling industry and helping others to see their greatness, taking action to realise their dreams.


Connect with Kylie Burnett

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Follow on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kylie-burnett-39441814


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